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We shop for you - at major banks, credit unions, trust companies and other lenders. We negotiate in your best interest to get you the rates and terms you want, saving you time and money.

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My Name is Lindsay Bishop, I am a Mortgage Agent.
I want to help you make smart mortgage choices, saving you time and money!

Hi, I’m Lindsay: your friendly neighborhood mortgage agent. Whether you’re buying your first home, wanting to pull out some money to do renovations or want to set up a plan to buy a home in the future — I’m here to help. I’m free to meet or talk on the phone about your options.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people with big life decisions, like buying or re-financing their home. As a mortgage broker, I work with over 50 lenders so you don’t have to go from bank to bank, looking for the best deal. It is my job to get you the best rate and most importantly, help you know exactly what you’re signing up for and educate on how to pay down your mortgage and manage your finances along the way. 

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